Do you work in international community health and development? Do you suffer from various symptoms of poor-health?  Does your job require regular travel away from home?  Do you struggle to maintain healthy eating and lifestyle habits?  Are your weight and sleep patterns out of control?      

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you would probably agree that: 1) Investing in your health is central to the work you do in international development;  2) A healthier YOU will make you a better advocate for family and community health and a more effective implementer or manager of development programs.

Are you ready to get the support you deserve to make this a reality?  Season of Health was founded with your needs in mind.  A partnership with us will inspire you to rethink your current approach to health and wellness, support you to achieve your personal health goals and also provide you with the tools you need to improve the outcomes of your community health and development programs.   Together, we will explore your current nutrition and lifestyle choices and determine which among them are not serving you.  With our support, you will move towards better health and vitality, and start serving as a role model for others in your family, among colleagues, and in the communities you serve.  We will also empower you to more positively influence the outcomes of your community health and development programs.

Services we offer include individual and group coaching, holistic health program design, and training workshops in your office, at staff retreats, or through onsite or tele-seminars.  We offer food-based cleansing and detoxing programs designed to jumpstart your metabolism, improve digestion, and increase energy and vitality.   We advocate for the use of natural pure therapeutic oils, nutritional supplements and other health and wellness products that are effective and safe to use in your home, office or on the go.   Ready to experience a new and healthier you?  Schedule an initial consultation today!